1. Alone III

  2. Love the smell of Fall creeping into the air - my favorite time of year… Here’s a shoot from last Fall. Can’t get enough plaid in my life! 

  3. John’s Jukes - Vancouver, BC

  4. Alone II 

  5. I recently tackled a “bucket list” item… Driving the coastal highway from top to bottom!  Along the way, Ben served as my muse.  Here is the first of a new series, Alone.

  6. Saxon’s earned her stripes… 

  7. My muse… Dancer & Choreographer, Saxon Fraser

  8. Mob Machine @ The Roxy

  9. Farris in Vancouver

  10. Torches to Triggers

  11. Ben

  12. Isotopes

  13. Metro Surveys

  14. The Real McKenzies

  15. Anti-Social Skate Jam, Vancouver BC