1. Two perspectives - “Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change” 

  2. Alone IV

  3. Covered VICE Magazine’s Photo Issue exhibition opening here in Van.  Here are some outtakes from the evening.  

    Check out more images of Vancouver, Montreal & Toronto at  http://www.vice.com/en_ca/read/vice-photo-show-432

  4. Take a break from the mundane & watch this beautiful dance. 
    Out of creating together, Saxon Fraser and Caroline Lady C Fraser invent a dance far more powerful than they could have individually. I feel the same when I get to share moments of art expression with them photographically.

  5. Alone III

  6. Love the smell of Fall creeping into the air - my favorite time of year… Here’s a shoot from last Fall. Can’t get enough plaid in my life! 

  7. John’s Jukes - Vancouver, BC

  8. Alone II 

  9. I recently tackled a “bucket list” item… Driving the coastal highway from top to bottom!  Along the way, Ben served as my muse.  Here is the first of a new series, Alone.

  10. Saxon’s earned her stripes… 

  11. My muse… Dancer & Choreographer, Saxon Fraser

  12. Mob Machine @ The Roxy

  13. Farris in Vancouver

  14. Torches to Triggers

  15. Ben